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Taking Impressions

Once you have purchased your Fingerprint Impression Kit, it will be posted the same day by First Class Royal Mail post – it can be sent to you, your hospice or funeral parlour directly.

Your Fingerprint Impression Kit will be sent with full instructions – taking prints is very easy to do and you, or your funeral director, will find this process very straight forward – it takes less than 5 minutes. Each kit contains two moulds and both have unlimited use – oView YouTube videothis is so we can obtain the best possible print to create the best possible jewellery for you. We use a high definition silicon mould to obtain as much detail as possible and each piece of moulding compound can be used for as many attempts as necessary to obtain a good print – unlike many other companies who provide a two part mould that needs mixing and once mixed/used is not reusable.

Once you, or your funeral director, are happy with the print in the first mould we ask that the process is repeated with the second mould – giving us a choice of prints to use. Simply return both to us with your order form when you are ready in the pre-paid envelop provided. If you want to keep one of the prints please do so – we understand how precious these lasting impressions are – however please return the best impression to us in order to create you the best possible jewellery. If you would like you mould(s) returning please tick on your order form otherwise we will retain them securely. There is no hurry to return your impressions and order form – consider the products you would like when you are ready. The only important thing at this stage is to obtain your loved one’s fingerprint whilst you can – the rest can wait for now.

You may wish to consult family and friends and purchase additional products with your order, or indeed at a later date. This is absolutely fine. Additional products are only £135 each and can all be made from the same mould at the same time as your order. If you wish to re-order products in the future that is also fine but with the increasing cost of silver you may find an increase in this price in the future – simply download a new order form when you are ready.