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How Is It Possible and Frequently Asked Questions

If you have question that is not answered here, please call or email us and we will be happy to help 07967 399449

How is it possible? Precious Metal Clay (malleable silver) is a revolutionary material that challenges any preconceptions about how precious metals must be worked. It is a mixture of microscopic particles of pure silver suspended in a non-toxic binder to create a pliable material similar to clay. It is fired in a kiln like regular clay to burn off the water and binder leaving us with 99.9% pure Fine Silver. All findings used by The Lasting Impressions Company are Sterling Silver (92.5% Silver). Fine Silver is softer than Sterling Silver and will be subjected to normal wear and tear with time if worn daily.

How do I know its real silver? All products can be hallmarked if you wish at an additional cost of £20 for the first product and £10 for each additional product ordered at the same time. Please allow an additional 7-10 working days.

What if I don’t have fingerprints of my loved one?

…but I do have their handwriting…

If you do not have their fingerprints then we can capture their handwriting – perhaps your name written by them, their name signed at the end of a letter or in an old birthday card, a simple drawing  or short message…all of these can be captured in silver instead of a fingerprint at no extra charge. Simply include a good quality photocopy with your order or scan and email to us with your reference number

…but  I do have their hand/footprints…

Perhaps you have suffered the tragic loss of a baby and the hospital have given you the tiniest, most precious of prints – don’t worry – we can use these too. Simply scan and email, or photocopy and post (you keep original), your prints and we use modern technology to scan and miniaturise your prints, create a polymer plate using UV light and cast the prints to create a stamp that we then press into silver – it all takes extra time so we do charge an extra £30 for this service. But nonetheless, we can create all of the products using your prints. It is a one off fee so if ordering extra products you still only pay the £30 once for this service. Please call or email to discuss your requirements.

How do I clean my Silver Jewellery? All good quality silver tarnishes in time but is easily cleaned! To clean your jewellery it is recommended that you use Goddard’s Silver Dip (dip for a few seconds until clean then rinse thoroughly in cold tap water) or impregnated silver clothes – both available in most supermarkets. Above all, wear your silver jewellery and enjoy it. It will tarnish faster in a box!

What is a Fingerprint Impression Kit? It contains two pieces of high definition silicon compound that is used to capture a fingerprint or thumbprint (from birth to adulthood) and is suitable for loved ones who have passed away. Your Kit can be posted First Class post the same day and direct to you, your hospice or your funeral director if you wish. Your kit is included as part of your purchase and once your impressions are returned to us your jewellery will be made to your exact requirements – all included in the price – then your jewellery will be  returned  by Recorded Delivery and will require a signature – this can be a neighbour or sent to a workplace if preferred.

What is the process when an order is placed? Please visit our ordering page for further information on ordering. Once impressions and order forms are received, our team carry out your specific requirements exactly. We pride ourselves in offering a totally bespoke service. No two fingerprints are the same so why should two orders be the same! The impression will be cast and pressed directly into silver. Your fingerprinted silver will then be finished by hand, fired in our kiln and again finished by hand including any soldering required, polished and gift boxed before being posted to you – all within just 2-3 weeks. You are welcome to contact us at any point to track your order.

How long do you keep the fingerprint impressions? We keep all fingerprint impressions securely and on file permanently for use at a future date – however please note if ordering in the future the same item may cost more due to the ever increasing costs of precious metals

What finishes do you offer? As standard your jewellery is finished with a satin brushed effect. We offer a high polish shine at extra cost.

Does the order come with the open rings so I can move it off what I order and onto something else? Yes, all our pieces come fitted with a heavy gauge jump ring. There are finished in a closed position but left available to open so that you can move your fingerprint item from one jewellery keepsake to the next should you wish. Please note that if left unsoldered they may not be permanently secure. We do offer soldering – please refer to your order form.

How old do you need to be to take an impression? Fingerprints mature with age and everyone is individual – an adult’s print may not be as good as a 3yr old toddler for example. However we pride ourselves on capturing prints with detail from birth to adulthood. Rest assured, we will do our best.

Can I have a fingerprint impression of my dying child or relative? Yes.  Our thoughts are with you – simply purchase our kit and decide on the rest when ready. Best to capture their print now and let them be part of the process than regret it. There is no hurry to return prints to us but please be aware, silver increases in price all the time so we only validate our prices for 6 months or so.

Can we make more than one item from each impression? Yes. You can make as many as you wish and if ordered at the same time there is a saving to be made in additional pieces. We keep impressions safely on file so if you wish to order on the future you can but please note prices may have increased.

Is it messy to do? No not at all.  Your impression is just like pressing into transparent ‘blue tak’ or plastacine and sets quickly. You can repeat the process as many times as needed without affecting the quality – full simple instructions are included in your kit.

Can my piece be engraved? We inscribe by hand into pieces where writing is required – a name, a ‘x’ (kiss) or short message can be accommodated.

Can I get a piece to match the jewellery I already have? Yes.  If possible return your jewellery with your order and impression noting that we are to match this and we will do our best the mimic the finish. If you do not wish to post your jewellery please send good quality photos and it is always advised to return your items by Special Delivery with adequate insurance as we will not be responsible for items undelivered for whatever reason.

What is your privacy policy? We do not disclose our customer information to anyone.  We do not sell on client lists. Everything is strictly confidential and stored securely. Upon request, your original fingerprint impression will be sent back with your order. If you plan on placing more orders in the future we do recommend storing your impression for you.

Do you guarantee your workmanship? Yes, we guarantee our precious metal clay as 99.9% silver, craftsmanship, and the final product including inscriptions as per the specifications from the original order. Please contact us if you are not entirely satisfied.

Each fingerprint impression commissioned is custom crafted, cast and finished by hand.  Any surface variation is to be expected and adds to the natural beauty and individuality of these hand crafted unique fingerprint jewellery items. We pride ourselves on first class service and even better products but please do allow for the individuality of hand made bespoke orders. Please note that the purity of silver does mean your goods will wear more quickly than cheaper, lower quality forms of silver.

If your questions or concerns are not answered here please do call or email us.