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Products Available

Here is our range of Fingerprint Jewellery for you to choose from.


Ladies Pendant

Your choice of charm shape finished on an 18″ Sterling Silver Belcher Chain

Men’s Pendant

Your choice of charm shape finished on an 20″ Black Faux Suede Leather with silver clasp


Your choice of charm finished on a Sterling Silver Belcher Chain Bracelet


Your choice of charm shape (Circle, Rectangel, Square or Oval) soldered with Sterling Silver T-Bar

Key Ring

Your choice of charm shape soldered on a split ring


Your choice of charm shape finished on a Sterling Silver Bookmark


Please see order form for prices:


Add a tag to your pendant or bracelet featuring a name or date (eg 1975 – 2007) up to 10 characters.
A birthstone can also be added – see below for gemstones/months

Shapes Available


Birthstone Guide

January- Garnet July- Ruby
February- Amethyst August- Peridot
March- Aquamarine, Bloodstone September- Sapphire
April- Diamond/Cubic Zirconia October- Opal, Tormaline
May- Emerald November- Yellow Topaz , Citrine
June- Pearl, Alexanderite, Moonstone December- Turquoise, Tanzanite, Blue Topaz

Please note some birthstones are not available with PMC as they have to be fired with the silver. Therefore, Aquamarine, Diamond, Pearl, Opal and Turquoise cannot be used but synthetic replicas can.

All products pictured are the same price – your first product is £150 and includes the cost of your Impression Kit. All additional products are £135 each.

Simply purchase One Impression Kit from our Shopping Cart and your Impression Kit will be posted the same day. Your Kit includes two moulds to give us the best impression possible (full instructions included). Then, when you are ready, download the order form from our website, choose your pre-paid product and fill it in with your requirements. You can order additional items using your order form at preferential rates.

Visit our Ordering and Delivery page or click Buy Now button where you can simply click and purchase your Impression Kit and download the order form.